About Steve Zonce


Steve Zonce, Owner/Woodworker

Steve's love of wood started at a very early age. He was cutting trees and turning them into items for his mom to use in the kitchen. In high school he excelled in wood shop and won several awards. 

Steve joined the Navy and woodworking had to take a backseat for several years while he supported the country.  After getting out of the military he went to college and obtained a BA in Business. Woodworking has always been a hobby which he later turned into his business after leaving corporate america.


Steve's passion is solid wood construction with traditional joinery. This type of furniture can last generations. 

Custom furniture is my specialty,  dining tables, consoles, built-ins, cabinets, beds, outdoor furniture.  I stay away from veneer or laminate because they don't last, are inexpensive to make and are typical of the big box stores. 



Creating custom eye-catching, functional, wood furniture using exotic hardwood species. Thinking outside the box and creating as inspiration grows.



Inspiring others to use their hands and get out there and create. 

Quality,  craftsmanship,  clean lines.